Monday, 1 August 2011

For Pete, on our Wedding Day

For Love

I’m in love
Like the wings of a dove
soaring high up above
This love fits like a glove
This love
This love
This love is deep
Its sweet
liquid seeps
from my roots to my leaves
and it makes me believe
in love.

like walking on air,
like jump if you dare,
like closing your eyes
and falling...
Falling into his eyes
like deep water pools
rushing in like a fool
like, I’m tingling all
From my head
To my feet
Makes my heart skip a beat
With a look
Or a touch
Oh this feeling, it’s such
an incredible thing
makes my soul want to sing

Let the story begin

Of the tree and the bird -
it begins with a word.
Right there, in the gym
started talking to him
just like that,
on the mat,
Right there on the mat
just having a chat
Igniting a spark,
Yes, that was the start
A sweet instigation
of textual relations
of elation
He’s tuned into my station
This person
This man

This man
there’s no doubt,
like water in drought
feeds my intellectual need
Let us nourish this seed
and observe what will grow...

There were moonlight walks
Midnight talks
and poems and books and deep loving looks
Lips like succulent peaches
Bodies sun-soaked on beaches
Exploring the reaches of our hearts and our minds
Living outside of time
Felt our visions align
An evolution
A revolution
It started in bed,
Our bed...

There was no warning
on that sun-soaked morning,
when he said,
Right there in our bed,
Words not from his head
But his heart,
And he said
“Lily, will you marry me?”

There the future was written
The love bite had bitten
Totally smitten
Still smitten today
because in every way
he’s got me,
I’m your bird, you’re my tree,
Baby you’ve got me
Hook line and sinker
You’ve got looks,
but my  god you’re a thinker
such a beautiful brain
your –my-burning-and–eternal-flame
say my name
The Tree,
Grown from you, and from me
With your love I feel free
To express and explore
To defy Newton’s laws
Achieve the impossible
Cross the un-crossable
Your love is a bridge
A ladder
A light
Giving me sight
This flame is in flight
Because this love is alight -
Like the wings of a dove
I’m soaring high up above

With my hand in your hand
My hearts a brass band
Playing out our lovesong
This is where I belong
Because this lovesong
Is lifelong...

It’s playing out
All for love
For Love
For Love
For Love.
Love to get to know,
Love to grow
Love to be by your side
Love that I’m taking this ride
With you.
You make my heart skip a beat, Pete
For love
For love
For  ----- love

The adventure starts here
With you there’s no fear
No fear, Pete I’ll be here
Lean on me when you’re not strong
And I’ll be your friend
I’ll help you carry on

Me carry you carry me carry you
That’s what we will do
Because none of us know
Nobody knows
What none of us know
But this feeling it grows
And if there’s one thing I know

I know this is the now,
I know he is the one
Who’ll keep me warm in the cold,
Make me laugh when I’m old,
Like Partners in crime,
I know now is the time
I know that nobody knows
what’s around the next turn
That nothing is known
And there’s still lots to learn

But to know is to trust
And to trust’s to believe
And to believe is to love
And to love
And to know
That wherever this goes
We’ll go there together
Like birds of a feather
This is now and forever
through unpredictable weather
We’ll sail this ship
Across the moving sea between
the shores of our souls.
Each individual, whole.
With hand in hand
United we stand
Like the world’s tallest tree -
Sequoia -
That’s him, and that’s me
Roots running deep underground
Branches joined, but not bound
We will drink from the earth,
Reach up to the sky
Stretch our limbs wide and high
A cross fertilisation
Let’s make love pollination
A permaculture creation -
Let’s take the seeds and let’s sow
Let’s plant forest gardens and grow
this love
with love
and for love.

For this is love,
and this I know
Pete, we’re soaring above
like the wings of a dove
let’s fly high on this love
because this is for love,
and with love,
my Love,
Oh Love, of my Life
My life,
My love...

        Lily Rose Double July 2011

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