Saturday, 2 July 2011


I just found this poem, written over 12 years ago... who is it about?  Perhaps I was talking to my inner self, in support of my intrepid nature, my wildwoman self. And now, just three weeks from my wedding day, I can't help thinking that somehow, I was speaking of my future husband, I dedicate this to him, and to us, following our path...

Curious explorer it was your desire
To deviate and create a path
Of your own to follow. It led
You wondering far beyond the place
They never wanted you to leave.
It traversed you through a limitless sky
Led you across some ancient lands,
Over oceans and through strange cities.
You tasted worlds and smelt their soul,
You felt their fire and kissed their calm.
Explorer, extraordinary, thirsty for more
You created a path, and you followed it.

©Lily LaLoba 1999

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