Thursday, 9 June 2011


What is it, this shell?
This brittle, unyeilding
which coats my eyes, my ears, my mouth;
and encases my ever-knowing heart.
"Let me out
let me out
let me out".

What is it, this shell?
This diamond-cut decanter
which contains my fluid essence
My essential, ever-present truth.
"I am here
I am here
I am here"

What is it, this shell?
This protective case, this coat,
This pickle jar
I call my mind,
holding on,
souring the sweet
with this shroud
called self.

This shell,
this soft membrane,
Hardened over time.
This opaque shell
will let light in -
I can see it
Shining through...

This shell seeks
to incubate
to allow
The skin to crack
to peel back
and make way
for Life.

           ©Lily La Loba September 2010

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