Thursday, 9 June 2011

Coming into My Skin

I'm coming into this skin
this skin. This Skin.
This is where I begin.
I begin from within.
Inside this skin
connections connect connections
I am fighting infections
making special selections
deflecting personal inspections
creating inflections
some up
some down
some deep under ground.
Now which way is up?
How full is my cup?
I'm confused
emotionally bruised.
But bruises fade...
Don't they?
In to memory
Times of distrust
and passion and lust
all turning to rust.
This skin's got some panel work
Patches of dirt
and discolouration
a sweet integration
of old and of new
of me and of you
of him, and of her...
and this thing
and that thing
and one time
and sometimes
and this time-
This time it's soaked in
it's all under my skin
this skin. This skin that I'm in.
Sometimes too tight
across the chest or the face
something feels out of place
sometimes can't find the space
to breathe.
Dig deep and believe
Because this skin is my own
it's the place I call home
where I'm never alone.
Every inch is alive
Reacting. Awake.
I'm living inside.
Within and without
beyond reasonable doubt
I'm coming into my skin
Fuck, I'm jumping right in
jumping into this skin
this is me coming in
speaking out from within
this skin
My skin
so thick, yet so thin,
this incredible thing
this skin, my skin
This is where I begin.
                                  © Lily LaLoba June 2011

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